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Woodworks – Finished The Poker Table Railing

Railing01So after much ado, and nearly a year of trying to find time, I’ve taken a week and a half off of work.

On top of the 50K things the wife threw my way, I insisted on finishing the railing for the poker table, begun soooo long ago.  I already had purchased all the parts I needed, so it was just a matter of doing it at this point, once I had the time.

I began with rolling out the large inch thick furniture foam.  Once it was laid out, I sprayed the railing with 3M adhesive and pressed it centered onto the wood.

After that it was a matter of guiding a razor knife around the curves, while leaving enough foam to go over the sides as well.Railing02 Needless to say I have a whole bunch of scraps left over for the kids to dive into.

Once that was done, I moved onto the top material.  I had picked out a black leather-like cloth, typically used on boats, with a nice soft feel to it that easily stretches.  With this however, I planned on using staples to hold it in place rather than the adhesive.

After sizing it up, I laid the foam covered railing on top of the cloth, and wrapped the outer edge first.  I spaced out the staples every 6 inches or so, pulling it tight as I wentRailing03; working on the sides first and moving into the curves.

With it roughly sized and pulled taut, I sliced it open to allow for expansion and let me more easily staple into place, while not changing the shape of the wood or the foam too much.

After that it was back & forth between the inside and outside of the railing, placing staples ever closer to each other, while continuing to pull it tighter.Railing04

Eventually I was able to get them all in place, and neatly wrapped.  I cut off the excess, and placed additional staples to reduce the bulges and warping of the fabric due to all the stretching I had done to work it around the curves.

There were more than I would like, but as this was on the underside I didn’t think anyone other than drunks would see it, and they would hardly care.

Railing05So I carried it out into the wonderful New England weather, from our nice warm basement, to the frigid outside barn, while hoping I wouldn’t slide down the driveway on the ice patches.

I managed to hoist the bulky result in, and after some minor adjustments, including pushing it back onto the table, we have liftoff!!

The railing should work well, and looks great.  To be frank though after months of using it without the foam I think I could have made do just fine, but it looks more finished this way.

If all goes well I might be able to get the word out, and get some orders to build more tables for other people.  If I can set aside dedicated time a 2 month turnaround should suffice for nights & weekends.  I might consider the finished railing as an option, or allow the client to use a vanished railing with rounded edges instead.  In either case, I’ll leave cloth and racetrack stain colors choices up to them too.

See something you like?  Don’t like?  Let me know if you have suggestions.  I’m  thinking about making a smaller version – a round 5 person one, and have that available as well at reduced pricing.  Now to enjoy a successful project :)

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