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To Bock – Or Dopplebock??

So for no reason at all, I’ve been on a Bock kick for the last few weeks.

I think the weather had something to do with it.  A few warmer days had come and gone, the piles of replenishing snow had nearly disappeared, and new stock on the shelves.

Bock beers are traditionally made German style for the spring.  Its a nice refreshing change from the darker beers you drink in the winter months, but enough sharpness to make you click your tongue.

This year I thought, I’ll see how many I can try.  Bocks seem to e divided in 3 ways.  You have the golden bocks, amber bocks, and dopplebocks.  These tend to have richer deeper flavor as it darkens into the dopplebocks (double strength).  If you take your traditional lager, and brew it longer with additional malts and hops, you’ve got a Bock.

Of all of them, the two I picked up first ended up my favorites – Sierra Nevada Glissade and Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock.  Both golden types and both just make you smack your lips after it snakes past your tonsils.  The Einbecker was a tad lighter in the glass, but plenty of flavor regardless. Though the german brand is much harder to come by than the Sierra Nevada.

Beyond that came the canned Naragansett in a close third, followed by the Yuengling, Leinenkugel and the Anchor.

Both the Naragansett and the Anchor surprised me the most here.  The Naragansett more because it was more of a stronger, tastier craft style (6.5%ABV), and that their only other beer I’ve come across was a weak lager in a Budweiser vein.

The Anchor more because it was disappointing.  I had read some other reviews, and lots of people liked it.  Me?  Kind of – meh.  Darker than I would expect of a Bock, and easily dark enough to be a dopplebock, but without the higher ABV.

On to the Dopplebocks!  These are like the bigger bolder cousins.  Think about what the monks had done for lent back in the day, when they gave up everything and survived on this beer style alone.  (Just like this guy)

I’ve tried a few here and there in the past, with Aventinus being one of the best examples, along with Smuttynose S’Muttinator. But I was looking for ones that were more unknown to me so I tried these three.

As with much of the Victory beers, I enjoyed their version the best.  A deep well rounded dark lager you slow pour into a wide glass, and slowly smiled at.

The Sam Adams was good, but I like some of their other Imperial series beers representing better.  The Hooker?   Not bad.  Not great either, but a good beer nonetheless in a stronger package (that’s what SHE said).

So there you have it.  Just my humble opinion.  Find some.  Drink some.  Come up with your own conclusions – I think you’ll enjoy the trip :)