Monthly Archives: June 2012

Running Like The Wind (so long as its at my back)

So here I am, just over a year since I first began running. Things are pretty good.
I’ve run just over 8 miles at a clip, been in a bunch of races, and improved my distances, race times, and personal best times. My feet have transformed into hobbit feet, unshapely masses, and a series of connect the dot bunions and blisters.
Frankly, none of those matter a whole lot, but it does make it easier to gauge how well I’m doing, and how I’ve improved.

I’m finding running is a series of setting goals.
In the beginning it was simple – get to the end of the road, and don’t kill myself on the way back.
My goal yesterday was to run for 7 miles without choking on the car fumes thanks to local Boston traffic.

But sometimes it is different.
Try out a new route and finish it full circle.
See how far I can go after not having run for the last week and a half.
See if I can go my usual despite the current back pains.
Try for a run in the woods and avoid getting mauled by a bear.
Or lets see if I can run that far, and just push my limits without rubbing out my nipples.
Btw if you don’t get the nipple bit it sucks.
In the hot weather I find I sweat so much over a 6 mile run I get some serious chafing going on. I’m not alone in this, and await a delivery of runners lube.
Sounds like something you’d get in a porn flick…

But even without the goals, or the joy of just being in shape, there are the additional rewards.

I’ve just wrapped up a 4 day stint for a Boston hotel. Yesterday while out for a run I came across a pile of IDs, credit cards, cash, and security access cards. Some poor soul dropped his wallet.
Time to Samaritan up!
One of the cards was a student id from Harvard.
I called the campus police, and to his good fortune it was back in his hands before the end of the night.
Kudos to karma.

Here’s to running :)