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My Review of Merrell Barefoot Train True Glove Shoes – Minimalist (For Men)

Originally submitted at Sierra Trading Post

CLOSEOUTS . Merrell Barefoot Train True Glove minimalist shoes combine the benefits and performance of a lightweight, zero drop trail shoe with the looks of a conventional casual shoe.

Almost barefoot running shoe

By MrMoonbeam from Woodbury CT on 8/2/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Flexible, Mold well to feet, breathable, Zero drop

Cons: Inner liner tears out, Break in period

Best Uses: Running, Daily Wear

I began my running a year and a half ago with a pair of Huaraches from Invisible Shoes.
There was an initial period of adjusting including toughening and strengthening the feet and I was able to get through it easily enough.
I found myself flip flopping between the Huaraches and traditional running shoes, until the winter weather set in and I ran with the sneakers full time.
I have since gone back to the Huaraches on occasion, but found I began running somewhat awkwardly otherwise the front would flip under.
And so, when I realized a month ago my sneakers were beginning to wear through I looked at the crowd of minimalist/barefoot shoes.
I’ve always liked Sierra Trading, so I limited myself to what they had and soon came across the Merrells.
From what I can tell Merrell and New Balance seem to be in the top tier of the minimalist shoes along with the Vibram 5 fingers.
The vibrams do not accomodate odd shaped toes well, and other than the newer models, the New Balance tended to have more drop than I would prefer.
I have run in these shoes 3 times thus far, and can say they seem to be the best I’ve used. Admittedly my toughening period was minimal this time around as I wear my Huaraches on weekends regularly as well as general barefoot walking.
The rear continues to rub just under my Achilles and I am breaking in a blister over time.
I also found the shoe liner was tearing out, which caused a problem on my inside left foot and another blister in the end.
Both of these issues are being addressed by bandages, and after a run in the rain the shoe molded to my foot very well.
There is plenty of space to allow for toe splay.
I do not feel as connected to the road as I do with my Huaraches, as this has a thicker sole, but I do have enough sensation.
What I find is that in these I am always running upright in the proper position.
My gait is more frequent as you’d expect, and I land on the fore or middle of the foot.
I’ve also noted that when I run hills I would get lower and stick my butt out before, wheras with these, I am pretty much in the same position, but with even more steps to get up the road.
All in all I am very happy with these, and may get another pair to wear when not running.
I am hopefully the liner does not cause further issues, but do not think it will.


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