Brew Review – Avery Samael’s

AverySamaelOne of three they’ve deemed part of ‘The Demons of Ale.’

Can’t say I’ve tried any others, but this one was pretty damn good.

When I walked up to the cashier he asked me if I had tried it before, and when I said I hadn’t he asked “Do you like full beers?”  I had an idea of what to expect from right then on.

It’s definately a strong beer – 14.5% ABV.  My wife thought it was a liquor when she tried a taste.

Much of its flavor supposedly comes from oak barrel aging.  Its very rich, and somewhat syrupy.  There are some caramel tones along with vanilla, with a great smell and spice to it.

I thought it had just the right amount of hops, which Avery says is one of the least in their lineup.

The color is great too, though the picture doesn’t show it too well with a nice cloudy reddish brown.

I’ve heard good things of Avery Brewing, and if this is any hint I’ll have to give their others a try too.

Definately recommended if you like a full bodied beer.

Only available in singles.  PP6Pack = $27



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