Brew Review – Summertime Wheat Times Four

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis


Ever since I found more in the beer stores than in the supermarkets, I’ve been drawn to the summer wheats.

A nice heartier drink that just makes you smile as you gulp it down.  All the more so when its nice and cool, and you’re hot and thirsty.

Since I drank a number of these all at once I figured I’d group it together into one review for comparison.

Sierra Nevada – Kellerweis.  A nice honey color much like the rest in this category.  I was drawn to this thanks to a review in Chow magazine, but in part because I like Sierra Nevadas in general.  It had a nice unfiltered, foamy head.  The flavor had citrus tones to itIpswich-SummerAle, and there was BoulderBeer-SweatyBettysomething to this one that made me say “Give me more!”

River Horse – Double Wit.  Not a true summer beer in that it was made just for the season, but it falls into this group anyway.  When I first tried this I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.  Maybe it was the higher 7.4%ABV, or maybe it was what I had just eaten at the time that it didn’t match with.  It is definately more of a true Belgian style wheat than the more mass produced ones.  I had it again a few days later and it was a far better experience.   I loved the rolling cloudy bits floating in the foam.  The scent was much stronger too with the citrus and light spicing.   I think it lent itself more to the role as a great beer when you’re in the mood for a beer when you’re hot and thirsty.  Pretty much what you’re looking for in a summer beer.

Ipswich – Summer Ale.  I love their oatmeal stout so I figure I’d give this a try when I saw it on the singles rack.  I’m not really into the taste of IPAs, and this was more in that realm.  If you like IPAs I’m sure you’d be loving this, but as I’m not – I wasn’t.  The over hoppy tones erased any other stand out in the beer for me.  Otherwise it wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I’ll pick this one up again.

Last, but definately not least was the Boulder Beer – Sweaty Betty.  This was a great brew.  They classify this as an American Pale Wheat.  It had a nice tang that you get with a pale ale with the hops, but not overly strong to take away from the rest.   It was only slightly fruity with not as much of a strong flavor as the others, which made it harder to tell whether it was orange, lemony or something else.  Whatever it was I’m liking it.  A really good mix of flavors, and overall probably my favorite of the group.  I’ll be on the lookout for more from their lineup.

Try some for yourself.  1 month to the Octoberfests!

River Horse Double Wit (4pack only) PP6Pack = $11.98

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis PP6Pack = $9.99

Boulder Beer Sweaty Betty PP6Pack = $8.99

Ipswitch Summer Ale PP6Pack = $7.25


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