Weekend Project – Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Ugly half scraped ceilingOur home was built in the mid-eighties.  For some reason, along with the big hair, it was the style to have a “popcorn ceiling.”

Just a bunch of chunks to add some texture.  Now I’m not the biggest fan, but it was tolerable.  That is, until the wife looked up one day recently in the bathroom.

We found that the summer heat and humidity, along with being in a typically humid environment anyway, had helped to collect extra dust and mildew all along the dangling points.

So, after a test scraping, I began the task of removing it all.

Armed with a shop vac, a metal paint scraper, eye goggles, dust mask and a stout stool I began around 9:30am.  Soon enough, my arms were burning, the goggles were fogged up, and it looked like a winter wonderland.

After it was scraped, I moved onto a drywall sander to give it a nicer finish.  Short of using some heavy duty sandpaper, that was good enough, and to be honest just enough texture to give it character.  I found that as it was all coming off, it seemed like it was little more than plain plaster.   No wonder it was getting mildew.  I’m surprised we didn’t get it sooner, but thankful anyway.

In between steps I had run out to the store to pickup some Kilz paint.  I had a small can leftover of the Kilz Premium, which has mildew preventative.  After some bleach spray just to make sure I got rid of what had grown, and a quick wipe, I began the 1st recoat.

The can only lasted so long, so as I was opening the gallon Kilz, I picked up that it was Kilz original.  Now you’d think it wouldn’t matter so much, but it turns out Premium gives you what it really should be in the first place – mildrew resistance.  So a quick jaunt over to Home Depot later and I continued with a 2nd and 3rd coat.

I’ll need to redo the walls, as the scratches there stand out much more now, but it needed it anyway.  No rush there, and no more mildew – woo-hoo!!


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