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Blog on a roll

A few days later and I’ve got it where I want it.

I managed to find Google throws up lots of info, but tooling through it can be hard.

Going through the WordPress Codex is good, but I’m finding useful bits from other people that have been through it.

This helped me the most getting it switched from default domain/wordpress to domain: http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory

Now that I’ve reset all the permissions, I’m on my way.  Now time to find some decent plug-ins and gadgets.


Blog setup issues

So I’m a novice to the blog-o-sphere.  And I’m finding some quirky things with setting this up to where it works more easily.

I’ve found resetting permissions on the folders helps, but it’s not a clean cut as I’d like.

I’m sure I’ll get better in time, but I’m hoping I can sort this out before it gets too out of hand.  Keep up if you can :)