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Running Like The Wind (so long as its at my back)

So here I am, just over a year since I first began running. Things are pretty good.
I’ve run just over 8 miles at a clip, been in a bunch of races, and improved my distances, race times, and personal best times. My feet have transformed into hobbit feet, unshapely masses, and a series of connect the dot bunions and blisters.
Frankly, none of those matter a whole lot, but it does make it easier to gauge how well I’m doing, and how I’ve improved.

I’m finding running is a series of setting goals.
In the beginning it was simple – get to the end of the road, and don’t kill myself on the way back.
My goal yesterday was to run for 7 miles without choking on the car fumes thanks to local Boston traffic.

But sometimes it is different.
Try out a new route and finish it full circle.
See how far I can go after not having run for the last week and a half.
See if I can go my usual despite the current back pains.
Try for a run in the woods and avoid getting mauled by a bear.
Or lets see if I can run that far, and just push my limits without rubbing out my nipples.
Btw if you don’t get the nipple bit it sucks.
In the hot weather I find I sweat so much over a 6 mile run I get some serious chafing going on. I’m not alone in this, and await a delivery of runners lube.
Sounds like something you’d get in a porn flick…

But even without the goals, or the joy of just being in shape, there are the additional rewards.

I’ve just wrapped up a 4 day stint for a Boston hotel. Yesterday while out for a run I came across a pile of IDs, credit cards, cash, and security access cards. Some poor soul dropped his wallet.
Time to Samaritan up!
One of the cards was a student id from Harvard.
I called the campus police, and to his good fortune it was back in his hands before the end of the night.
Kudos to karma.

Here’s to running :)


On Getting Older – But Not Old

Laughing At LifeWithin the last two weeks, I’ve been given glimpses of my past to tell me how far I’ve come and perhaps where I’m headed.

Last weekend I rolled off the walker and met up with the other refugees of High School at the class reunion.  It was organized by the class of ’89, but our grade couldn’t really get it together so I glommed on with the rest and enjoyed our 19th.  In one sentence – It was very surreal.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time.  I was oddly nervous before I got there.  Unsure of whether the old anxieties would pop up, like the all too common zits on my forehead back in the day.  I pretty much knew the cliques would reform, but it was a small school and everyone was friendly to a degree anyway.  It was all in my head in the end.  Even the people I’d consider small time arch enemies were good to catch up with.  Letting bygones be bygones and all.

Most people were the same, but a few had aged.  Inevitably I compared myself to them.  Not to feel either better and smug, or worse and a failure, but rather just to see where I stand in the grand scheme.  And I’m happy where I am.  Not top of the heap when it comes to job, house or status, but more successful in many ways than others.  More importantly I am satisfied with what I have been given and what I have accomplished.

So this past weekend I was lucky enough to hit the water with an old best friend.  We used to snowboard, wakeboard, mountain bike, hike, and do all sorts of things together a few years back.  I got married and had some kids.  Did the house and the dog thing, and ended up changing priorities.  I’ve got more to take care of than just myself now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But to my surprise I held my own.  I haven’t been on a wakeboard in 5 years easy.  In that time I’ve gained some forehead, outwore a belt or two, and found the menu catching up with me.  Just as at the reunion I had that anxiety beforehand, and it all panned out.  I grabbed the rope, let it pull me up and within moments it all came back to me.  I might not have been able to hit the jumps quite as high, or hold an edge too well, but being out of practice will do that to you.  I managed a few runs, and it was enough for me before my out of shape muscles told me enough was enough.

I guess looking back at both of them, I would have to wonder what all the fuss is about.  Yeah I’m getting older.  Yes there’s things I’ve done in the past I might have changed, but I also have to wonder if that isn’t what made me what I am today.  If those same slips weren’t just the thing that got me to where I am in the now. I may be older, but I’m far from old and doing all the things I love, just in a different way.