Blog on a roll

A few days later and I’ve got it where I want it.

I managed to find Google throws up lots of info, but tooling through it can be hard.

Going through the WordPress Codex is good, but I’m finding useful bits from other people that have been through it.

This helped me the most getting it switched from default domain/wordpress to domain:

Now that I’ve reset all the permissions, I’m on my way. ┬áNow time to find some decent plug-ins and gadgets.


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  1. Posted July 16, 2015 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    Hello Everyone!I’m no expert eiethr, and I’m trying to understand pages. I like pages better the posts (and I’ve used them too much! ) What I am trying to figure out is if I can create a post on a seperate page, or can I create a post that is like a seperate page?I haven’t explained myself well, but on my blog, for example, I use pages to differentiate the sections of the industry (e.g. new cars, used cars, parts, and services). When I write topics under these four categories, I create subpages but this creates too much clutter on right side bar I’m trying to reconcile the idea of posts and pages, and I’m not doing a good job Any ideas?

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