Merry Christmas – Cut Your Own!

The Tree in the wildEvery Christmas growing up, we’ve always been a fan of real live Christmas trees.  Not the plastic ones, or the ones with the lights already setup, but the real pine smelling, finger pricking, always needs watering kind.  We’d take a hike over to a nursery, or over to where the Boy Scouts were selling them in some field, pick a nice one out and strap it to the car.

A few hours, and a few glass shards on the floor later, and we’d be all decorated up and in the holiday mood.

After we moved to Woodbury a few years ago, I began looking at cutting our own.  More because I wanted a good strong smell, but also because I heard the trees last longer.

Hauling it homeI always try to buy local when possible, so after some questions around town, we picked out a tree farm nearby.  I brought a saw, a pair of gloves, and a warm coat.  This farm, as do many of the tree farms, is setup on a hill – a few hills.  Naturally the ones closest to the parking lot get cut down first, so to get a decent one you have to trek around some.

Sooner or later you either get lucky, or settle on what appears to be the best available.  Both last year and this year, we found a tree larger than we wanted, and though the lower part was thinned out, the top was filled out really nicely.

A few cuts later at waist height, and we’ve got just the right sized tree!

Tree TrimmingSo then you grab hold around one of the branches, and drag it through the hill and dale back to the car.  Here’s to hoping you can avoid the mud or muster the strength to lift it over the puddles.

So while my lovely wife keeps the wolfish children at bay, I tie it onto the roof with some assistance from the Carhartt crew, and away we go.

Everyone has their own method for getting the tree into the house.  Ours is pretty basic.  I prep the tree trunk by fitting it into the stand before I carry it in, and cut off the lowest branches for a better fit and look.  Once that’s done, we clear the area, prop open the doors, and slide it through the doorway, beginning the needle drop right from the get go.

What a Beautiful Tree!After that, we bring out the boxes upon boxes, and bags, and wrappings that protected all our ornaments like little pieces of mummy antiquity the other 11 months of the year.  With children we’ve progressed from no ornaments below 2 feet, to only plastic ones below 4 feet.  At this point, whether an over excited hand or a sweep of the dogs tail knocks off one, we should be ok.  So they put it on, we adults move them off the one branch the 20 ornaments have been placed upon, and next thing you know we’ve got the Christmas spirit :)

Happy Holidays!


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