My Review of Marmot 5°F Snowcrest Sleeping Bag – 600 Fill Power Down, Mummy, Long

Originally submitted at Sierra Trading Post

CLOSEOUTS . Gear up for your next backcountry adventure with Marmot's Snowcrest sleeping bag, made with 600 fill power down insulation for warmth down to 5and#176;F. 600 fill power down insulation for warmth down to 5and#176;F Anatomical hood with head gasket Classic trapezoidal footbox Ground …

18 degrees and snowing? No problem!

By MrMoonbeam from Woodbury CT on 2/3/2013


4out of 5

Pros: Lightweight, Packs Small, Warm

Cons: Zipper Snags Easily

Best Uses: Backpacking, Cold Conditions, 4 Season camping

Describe Yourself: Avid Adventurer

What Is Your Gear Style: Comfort Driven

Was this a gift?: No

This was my first winter bag and first mummy bag. This is also lighter by a few pounds than my aging 3 season down bag with a tight knit cotton (almost canvas like) exterior.
I’ve just had my chance to try it out this weekend when the weather dipped to the mid teens at night, and an inch dusting of snow was predicted.
My son & I went out to his platform treehouse, each armed with a self inflating air mattress, and our respective bags.
He used double bags, and multiple layers of clothes along with gloves and a hat, and ended up with a nice ice crust in the AM – and smiles.
I wanted to push the envelope of what this bag could do so I wore some thick winter wool socks, jeans and a midweight flannel and topped it with a smartwool beanie (as I would if I were backapacking)
It was a bit difficult to get the bag sorted at first. I tried to use a pillow from the house, but this made the hood too bulky so that ended up on the outside nearby. I found that once it cinched up it was more comfortable than I expected. While it dipped to perhaps 17 overnight, I was ok and pleasingly warm throughout. I had problems sleeping on my back as the falling snow tickled my face irritatingly until I flipped onto my side, and was just as comfortable. I noticed as others had, that the larger the space and air pocket the more that particular area tends to feel slightly colder – so size this appropriately. My relatively thin clothes probably made me more sensitive to this, but that was my intent.
I am 6ft 2, and 185 pounds and the long size fit me very well with ample room at the feet without being too much.

I had never used a mummy bag before my purchase, so I’m sure some of my issues were simply getting used to things such as centering the hood, and awkwardly tightning the closures while striving to keep my hands inside the bag.

All in all a great bag. My main beef was the zipper tended to snag as it came to the top, but this may have been due to positioning or experience. This seems to be appropriately rated, though I’m not sure I’d use it for temps lower than 5 without some serious layering. Get this with a coupon and it is a steal. Great color too :)



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