Wood Meets Shaving – Brush & Razor Holder

So when I began my shaving excursion I had picked up a shaving brush and razor holder.

I’ve always liked wood, so I picked out one by Col Conks.

Using this as a template, I decided to build my own.

We have a number of Red Cedar trees in our yard, and they fall over and die once in a while.  So I went and cut out a length, and shaved down the sides until I had a post.

I placed the template one next to the post and traced it out, and using a coping saw I made the curve match up.

I then cut out some 1/2 inch slices along the grain from the cutout, prepping it to use for the brush holder itself. To mount this though took some doing, and I setup a jig with 2 clamps to brace the curve and allow me to cut out a section for the holder.

Once that was done I cut out the center hole for the brush, pushed it into place and Voila!

All set, and just like the original but a bit chunkier.

I’m tempted to coat it with some Tung Oil, but then that would hide the cedar aroma.  Ah well.  Gotta love the smell, and it will only add to the shaving experience.


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  1. S.D.MacLeod
    Posted May 15, 2010 at 7:47 am | Permalink

    Beautiful work, Erich! I have some oak over here in Watertown if you ever need some! You should invite the ‘Presidents Club’ over for Beer and Woodworking sometime when the ‘First Ladies’ are out spending money.

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